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2020-07-07Jul 7, 2020

While the observatory cannot yet open its doors for the public to use its telescopes due to social distancing limitations, docents found another way to create fun, family events outside. Visitors are required to follow Covid-19 precautions including wearing face masks and social distancing from other family groups. The number of participants are also limited to ensure a safe environment. Sign up and pay ahead of time online, to ensure a spot as well as to minimize contact at the event.

2020-06-27Jun 27, 2020

The highest option of manifesting this powerful alignment this year is for each of us to release and let go (Pluto) of our own negativity directed primarily at ourselves, but projected onto others. When we feel good about who we are and how we perceive and relate to others, individually and collectively, we are well on our way to transforming our planet into a place of caring, concern and compassion for all.

2020-05-24May 24, 2020

One way to characterize a month when we experience eclipses is that the potential of both is changed. The new Moon solar eclipse means that Sun is blocked by the Moon. Astrologically, the Sun pertains to the ego, the self-aware and self-loving individual who can manifest their energy creatively. The Moon is an expression of the soul. With no clarity of the manifest self it becomes a time to look inward and strive for more emotional clarity and spiritual connection. Given that we have been quarantined for about 3 months, being within our homes, limited in social contact, there hasn’t been much else available to us. We can take advantage of the eclipses this month by using them to enhance our inner striving. 

2020-04-23Apr 23, 2020

Three planets will all turn retrograde within 4 days of each other. Saturn retrogrades May 10, Venus on May 13 and Jupiter on May 14. The most important of the three, at least right now, is Venus. When a planet retrogrades it’s time to slow down, stop and review where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing. Perhaps these changes will reflect that the energetic flow of the Covid-19 virus will similarly slow down and stop. We may not be able to return to normal right away, but these retrogrades may reflect that the spread of the virus is at least slowing down, being contained and that the quarantine is starting to be lifted.

2020-02-27Feb 27, 2020

Since Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius (as co-ruler with Uranus), its influence will remain strong. One difference between the signs is the Capricorn, an earth sign, focuses on practical activities that can enhance our productivity and ultimately our sense of stability and control. Aquarius is an air sign. As such it focuses on ideas and people. There are two primary ways that we can utilize Saturn’s energy when in Aquarius. The alignment of Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn brings another highlight of the Capricorn Stellium, which is by far the most important transit of this decade...

2019-03-26Mar 26, 2019

Two significant transits occur this month, both with ramifications to our individual as well as collective experience. The first is a conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto. The second is Saturn temporarily leaving Capricorn and moving into Aquarius. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction combines the planet of philosophy (Jupiter) with the planet that strives to decipher the mystery of life (Pluto). One potential expression of this combination is the limitation of personal freedom by powerful forces in government and law enforcement. Another possibility, however, is for each of us to take responsibility to get more in touch with our own uniqueness and seek to integrate that part of ourselves into the social collective. 

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