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Zoë Tummillo writes from the perspective of a person with a wealth of experience that she wants to share with readers. You can email her


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2019-08-27Aug 27, 2019
2019-07-26Jul 26, 2019

At times, it feels like sight impaired.  It’s not that I actually can’t see. Seeing clearly has become so much more vital — and that clarity is linked to the filter game I now must more carefully implement while watching the news and listening to the political static.  (You know the one I mean: True or False?)  In my safe and peaceful place in a forest full of innocent wildlife, it seems like some foreign tableau moving across my TV or iPhone screen!  It’s not.  It’s my country, my government, my news...

2019-06-30Jun 30, 2019

My friends and family will probably nod their heads and roll their eyes knowingly!   There is no denying that another envelope will no doubt land in their mail, soon, with something I decided needed to be “shared.” Whether it is just something amusing, enlightening, politically significant, a new archeological discovery, or something I hope might influence a point of view – I just can’t help clipping.   

2019-05-28May 28, 2019

It started for me many years ago when one of my mentors, told me about the useful tool:  Letters Not For Mailing.  Her name was Ruth.  She was the General Manager of a “high profile” women’s clothing department store in Boston.  It was a position unusual at that time, hard won and requiring a lot of diplomacy working with 99% of the managers of that venue being male.  One tool became especially useful.   Letters Not For Mailing was basically just a simple discipline that could save the user a lot of grief, and bring the user clarity and a certain kind of success handling sticky situations.  

2019-04-29Apr 29, 2019

Recently, I drafted out a rough, free-fall piece targeting the issue of more and more persons coming forward with accusations and experiences (some decades old) that they describe with implications ranging over a very broad spectrum from really serious all the way to hardly believable as damaging.  I gave copies to an equal number of men and women, and asked for feedback on how they feel about the subject.  Yikes.... It’s a subject I have thought about before, but it came up sharply recently concerning incidents with Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke.  In Joe’s case, standing behind her, he’d put his hands on the shoulders of a young woman (who’d been working with the political group and all were celebrating something).  He kissed the top of her head, and, he says, whispered thank you in her ear.  Beto’s bad move was to say that his wife was at home taking care of the children, which he helped with when he could!


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