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Bodega Bay’s first Food Pantry.
In January of 2018, Waves of Compassion Foundation, set up, funded and operated Bodega Bay’s first Food Pantry. Now its ongoing twice a month. Photo:

For Those In Need:
Get Your Food 
at Food Bank in the Grange Hall

From 6-6:30 the First and Third Wednesday Each Month 

Mar 29, 2019
by Joan Poulos


If you ever are lonely and want a group to talk to (with) schedule a meeting. Bodega Bay residents seem to like to go to meetings. Recently our Supervisor called a meeting of the MAC members, to introduce them to our area. Even without a printed agenda (a restriction on action because of the Brown Act) the room at the Grange was full and the contributions were plentiful.

The representatives of the Board of Supervisors were willing to talk about a wide variety of topics. The citizens were forthcoming with all questions about what they wanted the agencies to improve. High on the list of desired actions was the request to improve our roads. Several of the local contributors talked about the necessity to improve our roads and how we should improve bicycle/vehicle conflicts and how our roads needed repairs.  For those of us who have been working on improving the roads in Bodega Bay and the necessity of accommodating the bicycle/car conflicts for several years, it was a bit of déjà vu. We were reminded of the many meetings we attended in the 90’s trying to improve vehicle/pedestrian conflicts. It is frustrating to see that we still don’t have a light or any program to slow down the traffic driving down Highway One past the Grange Hall and pedestrians crossing across to enjoy some of the best fish and chips and clam chowder in Bodega Bay at the Boat House.

The conversation was limited when it came to the hottest topic not on the agenda. Because it had not been formally on the agenda the MAC members just listened—but the public unloaded at their anger at the possibility of the tentatively planned Marathon –a race planned for the Sunday afternoon,

One of the most pleasant aspects of the meeting was watching our MAC representative actually listening to the public. They were well-informed, courteous and certainly got off to a good start in Bodega Bay.

It is impressive to see how far some of the members are willing to drive to participate in this new program (other than locals, we had representatives from Sea Ranch, from Annapolis, from Jenner and from Valley Ford Bodega.and from the south coast. That commitment to participate in good government is to be praised.


My phone is full of requests for contributions(ignoring for the moment the frustration of the Robo Calls) one of the most annoying is the multiple requests I receive to contribute to buy food for The Hungry Children of California. Obviously I don’t want any child to be hungry, anywhere, but how can we get these fundraisers to get the facts? The facts are: any person can get all the food they wish from the Food Bank held at the Grange Hall from 6-6:30 the First and Third Wednesday of every month. We are appreciative of the effort those who work in this program expend but HOW do we get the word out better? I always send the data to those who send me the multiple requests for money to provide food for California children ( and obviously there are some areas where there ARE hungry children. ) I have requested the accounting for the organizations that send so many brochures (heart-breaking pictures, too) but none of the data include any accounting about how much the brochures, postage and personnel cost.


We have had beautiful weather. To make us appreciate it, last week we had a change. The black clouds rolled in and suddenly my deck was covered with small bits of hail. The deluge didn’t last long and since I have few delicate plants no harm was done at my house. It was just a good excuse to build a warming fire and be thankful I wasn’t still worried about my wheat or corn crops. It was an interesting bit of timing; my house guests were my children from Alaska where the temperature was higher. They had a good laugh—and evened it out by taking off for Costa Rica for a week. This week the ocean is quiet and the small boats can easily go out.


One of the best and most enjoyable presentations was the show, Cabaret. It is so much fun and well done. Each year seems to be better than the year before. Not only is the show a delight, they actually raise money for the community. Each year they make a contribution to the Grange which is much appreciated and put to good use. You can’t overstate the effort the Bundys put into arranging all the details for the program and directly participating in the presentation. When they announced that this was the last presentation, a huge NO came from the audience. After the success, individuals tried to get the originators and primary “movers and shakers” who have put together the program. They seemed invincible and said they just felt that it was time to move on to other commitments. Since our efforts to change their minds came to naught, now we have to see whether we can find some successor(s). It is such a worthwhile effort and we all hate to see it just fade away. Anyone who will step up will be taking on a big commitment, but the community will be most grateful and all of us will try to support them.


Another great show is in the Offing. John Hershey and Robin Rudderow are putting together a show for the Historic Society at the Grange April 28 and promise an imposing collection of the pictures and presentations of the Faces of Bodega Bay. It will include pictures of many residents who have contributed to make Bodega Bay the wonderful place it is. If you miss this, join us in urging a repetition of the presentation at a later date.


It won’t be Bodega Bay without some kind of program involving Hitchcock. This time it was a showing of two of his best movies as a benefit for a local community program. This, too, goes to benefit a local charity and at the same time provide an enjoyable review of older Hitchcock films. At least it takes my mind off the lack of success in basketball for my home school (Kansas.) This has been a basketball week..Unfortunately Iowa State pretty much mopped up with them. When you come from the middle west, basketball is next to motherhood in eliciting reverence 


One of the most consistent programs that we have out here is our yoga class. For those of us who want (or need) some effective exercise check out our yoga class at the Community Center MW&F. It is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 10:15 and is very inexpensive. You don’t need any special equipment (although most of us bring our own mats) and the participants are at all levels (from 20 something to 80 something.) It is the same teacher MWF (Vicki) and another on Saturdays. The beauty of the program is that you can check it out and if you decide to participate you can choose which day (s) you find suits your own schedule.


If you want to check out the planned walks, go by the Grange Hall. Most of the activities are scheduled (from various walks, to Churches, to chances to pitch in an help out (work parties.) Since we don’t have a daily newspaper (but others, like the Gazette do a good job of keeping us informed) the bulletin board is the next best thing.

We live in a beautiful place. The best part about it is the community who live here. It gets better when you participate directly. Join in some of the activities, and enjoy our life here even more.

Just don’t forget: Be Kind.


Bodega Bay Beat by Joan Poulos


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