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Bob Miller, owner of Bodega Bay Surf Shack and Bodega Bay Kayak
Bob Miller, owner of Bodega Bay Surf Shack and Bodega Bay Kayak will take you out surfing, kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding. Image: - Creative Commons CC0

More Beach Time Please

Dec 29, 2019
by Patty Ginochio, Ginochio’s Kitchen & Sonoma Concierge.


A new year brings promise and resolutions.  What do you want to do in 2020 more, better, less or for the first time?  Ride a horse on the beach? Catch the biggest salmon? Surf the perfect wave? Paddle out in a kayak to fish, dig for clams or drop a crab pot? Find the perfect coastal meal? Help those less fortunate? Or finally take that nap on the beached lulled by the ocean waves with your toes in the sand after a long beach hike. Most resolutions are to improve health such as walk 10,000 steps a day, lose 10 pounds, eat healthier, spend more time with friends and less time on your phone! 

Do you want to finally achieve all your new year’s promises?  Read on to find out how Bodega Bay is where all resolution dreams come true.

MORE BEACH TIME PLEASE  – It has been proven it is healthier to live on the coast.  Some of us are addicted to the ocean, similar to chocolate!  Best hiking is Doran Beach where you can take your shoes off and walk in the gentle waves while looking at the sand dollars and numerous shells that wash up.  Shorebirds play and feed all around you, skirting the gentle waves. Perfect for beginner walkers as it is flat and a good long stroll. My chosen Grandfather, Emil Valena, was the first Park Ranger at Doran.  You will even find a plaque on a table where he loved to sit. I miss his love for the ocean and honor him as I enjoy Bodega Bay.  Other great places to walk are the Bodega Head, Salmon Creek Berach and of course, the Kortum Trail. Ride a horse on the beach with Horsenaround Trail Rides or Chanslor Stables.

THOSE BEACHY CURLING WAVES ARE CALLING  - Always wanted to learn how to surf, SUP or kayak? Surfs up at Doran and Salmon Creek beach.  Bob Miller, owner of Bodega Bay Surf Shack and Bodega Bay Kayak will take you out surfing, kayaking or SUP, you know a stand-up paddle board!  Call Bob at (707) 875-8899 to check one or even three resolutions off your list!

JUST GO FISHING  – Join Captain Rick Powers on the New Sea Angler,  Captain Merlin Kolb of Reel Magic   or   Captain Aaron Orsini on the Ghost   It has been a bountiful year of fishing from the salmon, ling cod and crabs, it’s all delicious.  Just want to cruise, tours are available!  

NOT ALL SEAFOOD IS FRIED  – Looking for that healthy meal at the coast?  Fish caught locally means the freshest and tastiest meal guaranteed.  Fresh crab & fish right off the boats at Fishetarian, Tides or Spud Point Crab Company.  Looking for fresh fish that is not fried and so much healthier?  Try the grilled, never fried, fish tacos at Ginochio’s Kitchen.  Fabulous healthy meals can be found at Fisherman’s Cove, Lucas Wharf, The Boat House, Bird’s Café, Bluewater Bistro, La Bodequita to name a few. Terrapin Creek was just named one of the Top 100 restaurants by OpenTable.  Yum all around for every healthier dining experience. Another resolution accomplished!

BECOME A BB VOLUNTEER  -   Check off another resolution of GIVING BACK IN BB – Join a Non-profit!  Waves of Compassion Foundation helping coastal residents in times of need including a local food pantry  Bodega Bay CERT helping us be prepared for a disaster  Join the Bodega Bay Area Cham ber – Memberships for businesses and individuals at   Become a volunteer firefighter at  

HEROES AMONG US IN BODEGA BAY: Recognizing Assistant Chief Steve Herzberg, Chief Sean Grinnell and BBFPD President, Liz Martin, for their tireless work to initiate annexation of Bodega Bay Fire Protection District with Sonoma County Fire led by Chief Mark Heine. Overall impact is still being ironed out but the benefits include a stabilized funding platform for our coastal fires and rescue teams, plus competitive “living wage” for our firefighters and paramedics. Have questions? Call Bodega Bay Fire and ask for Steve Herzberg  707-875-3700.  The annexation will surely be a positive new year’s resolution for all of Bodega Bay and our visitors.

Happy 2020! 
Be sure to check off all of your New Year’s Resolutions in 2020 in Bodega Bay!

Bodega Bay Tidings by Patty Ginochio



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