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Mudd & Gold Store Front
Mudd & Gold Store Front.

Bodega’s Brightest New Gem
Mudd & Gold!

May 20, 2019
by Eva Granahan


I had the great pleasure to meet with our new neighbor, Lindsey Migdalski, the owner of the Mudd & Gold shop. She has lived in Bodega Bay since August, 2018. She was born to be a barber. As a young girl, she would chop up the hair of all her barbies. Once she found the clippers, she took it upon herself to give the family dogs a new hairstyle. As a teen, she trimmed and colored her boyfriend’s hair. Finally, she went to cosmetology school at age 19 and has been a hair stylist ever since.


Lindsey says,“I never got bored of my craft, just created new ways to enjoy the experience!” She brings so much enthusiasm for life and spunky energy to our quaint Bodega. Her untamed creativity and empowered independence inspires me and instills confidence that she is a perfect fit for our unique community.


Lindsey painting her own signageSo what did bring her to Bodega specifically? Born and raised in Chicago, then living in San Francisco for 13 years, she longed for the country. Last year, she moved here to join her fiance. When she was out trying on wedding dresses, her future husband broke off the engagement and ended the relationship. She joked “Just put on a wedding dress and get broken up with - it’s amazing what you can do!” Because it motivated her to work even harder to get what she really wanted. When they split up, the shop was her lifeline.


The unofficial Mayor of Bodega, Evelyn Casini, gave her seal of approval by telling Lindsey “you gave a facelift to this building and to this town” and “you did an amazing job.” By expressing her consent and giving a semi-public blessing, any uneasy townspeople could relax and come to accept her as the newest addition to our quirky family. Like many of us, Lindsey is an animal lover and often brings her two small dogs to work. Bucket is the super mellow, chocolate-colored boy and Sandy is the excited and vocal, light-colored girl dog. Her cat, who stays at home, is named Shovel. With all three, she can “Shovel the Sand in the Bucket.”


This is her first attempt at a retail store. She is very happy to fulfill her desire of making her home in a small town with plenty of space for a nice garden; also to see the dream of her own shop become a reality. Once she puts her mind to something, she gets it done. Similarly, her last business venture only took two months to come to fruition, which was a mobile salon where she cut hair out of a cute little trailer in various parking lots in San Francisco.


She obtained her new building in Bodega back in February and held Mudd & Gold’s grand opening on April 19. She is so pleased by the great response from the community. She plans to hold fun summer movie nights for locals. The goal being to bring denizens together in a cozy place that welcomes youth and encourages communal enjoyment. Stay tuned for these events!


The Store interior is warm and cozy with style.Her first cozy and attractive piece of furniture is an evocative gold couch. Her landlords Pat and Nancy’s daughter Collette offered Lindsey this couch right before opening day. It had belonged to Nancy’s mother and was sitting in storage for a many decades. She was excited when she saw it, graciously accepted the gift and freshened it up in time for the grand opening. As attractive as this couch is, she reminds us that it is not for sale.


A few months back, Lindsey sent countless emails expressing interest in peoples’ crafts, although the response was underwhelming. After the engagement of her grand opening, so much art just flowed in. Those people who first hesitated, saw the Instagram posts and positive reactions, so they simply sent their goods on consignment right to her.


She built the cases that display jewelry from an artist in Idaho, who is from Marin. There is beautiful stained glass throughout the shop, coming from the wilderness shop in Bolinas. Painted cards from “People I’ve Loved” in Oakland. The aromatic artisan soaps come from Lake Arrowhead. Her best friend Cody, who’s a carpenter by trade, made the lovely shelves in the center of the store. So far, the furthest artist is in Germany, where the hanging lamps come from. The impressively enticing list goes on.


Initially, the thought was to showcase and sell her maker friends’ crafts in order to occupy her time in between haircuts. Though found she also enjoyed restoring some old hatchets, of which she already sold most of. Because of their popularity, she joked that a better name for the store might just be “Haircuts & Hatchets,” directly because of what sells best.


Modeling some vintage wares at Mudd & Gold!Lindsey Migdalski refers to herself as a “one woman circus” who knows how to build, install electrical, refinish, paint, cut hair, etc. She started with only $5,000 and no investors or helpers. She is definitely “a girl who knows what she wants and gets it.” She completed everything by herself and created the shop she had envisioned. I love the addition of all the live plants in her store and am intrigued by all the skulls and antlers. She says that they are her thing and the gift of getting a new animal skull is “equivalent to a dozen roses!”


She is enjoying all kinds of meet and greets and things like the Chamber of Commerce gatherings, where local business owners go to network and discuss new happenings.


“If you feel like Mudd, you’ll end up Gold” is a line from Townes Van Zandt’s song“Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold,” which is where she found her inspiration years back when hearing the lyrics. So the appropriate slogan of Mudd & Gold is“Come in like Mudd and leave like Gold!”

Haircuts. Vintage cards. Gifts. Artisan goods. Art. Event gallery.  17135 Bodega Hwy707-861-0046.

Bodega Byways by Eva Granahan


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