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These new shops offer a means of self-expression through clothing that emphasizes comfort with their unique styles.
These new shops offer a means of self-expression through clothing that emphasizes comfort with their unique styles.

This New Year Brings
Intriguing Retail Opportunities
for Our Little City

Dec 31, 2019
by Carol Russell


And now we welcome the New Year. Full of things that have never been.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke ~

Cloverdale continues to evolve as we move into this New Year bringing intriguing retail opportunities for our little city - Heart City, erin mavis clothing, The Outpost, Next Door Comics and Games, and, finally, Speed of Sound Music. These new shops offer a means of self-expression through clothing that emphasizes comfort with their unique styles. However, these new Cloverdale businesses do not stop there. We also find imaginative and creative fun via party crafts, games, comics, and music.

Hear CityHeart City:A Modern Five and Dime, has a wide array of greeting cards, stationary, stickers, candy, and toys that launch us back in time. While generating fun for kids, the vintage novelties and notions remembered from Carol’s and Reece’s childhood expand the feeling of nostalgia. Erin Mavis, the proprietor, provides parties with current crafts and games that fit the flavor she has created in this little shop. Young and old Heart City is a place to create or re-create fun! Stop by: 115 E. First Street; Mon-Sat 10:30am- 5:30pm; Sun 11am-4pm

erin mavis Next door, you will find Erin’s second shop, erin mavis clothing,  which features styles of soft, feminine fashion with comfort the number one criteria. Erin’s primary objective is to bring this stylish, comfortable clothing to her patrons in a small local town and then build relationships with those locals through keeping her stock fresh and original. To do this she focuses on three brands primarily, Habitat, Prairie Cotton and Cut Loose Clothing, each dedicated to comfort through the textiles utilized and the loose design. Taking the concept a bit further, she searches out the “treasures’ in accessories and jewelry that compliment the clothing’s design and feel. Come and visit: 113 E. First Street Mon-Sunday 10:30am-5pm.

boots galore including cowboy boots, jeans to die for and even work clothes.If you are more comfortable in boots and jeans, visit  The Outpost.  Brandi and Ronnie Campos opened a few months ago with merchandise piled on wooden crates. Today it is very organized and the merchandising display is wonderful. It fits. Boots! Boots! Boots! Working boots or fancy cowboy boots like a country singer would wear with the embroidered designs. Whichever you are after, the Outpost is a definite place to stop. You find the same range in clothing from the good old coveralls to “dress jeans” with shirts and jackets, aligning with your chosen pants. Expanding the business with a laser printer will enable the printing of logos, designs, and names on the clothing for companies and organizations in town. Come on in: 113 Broad Street (Next to the Post Office); Mon.- Sat. 10am-6pm, Sun. 11am-5pm.

Next Door Comics are great place for gifts! Photo:, teens, and kids! This is a call to go into Next Door Comics and Games. Puzzles, books, socks, games, and, of course, comics. Wide range of paraphernalia around the popular “book” that has been around for 83 years. First comic book was the Phantom with Superman and Batman following soon after. Wonder Woman came on the scene in 1941. Having difficulty reading, Reece was told by a teacher to read anything including comic books, just read! So she picked up Wonder Woman and enjoys her to this day. Beyond comics, the puzzles and games are fantastic pieces of imagination. Or come and be part of the event nights such as the weekly Dungeon and Dragons or Magic: The Gathering. Find these at: 115 N. Cloverdale Boulevard; Tues. 11am-6:30pm, Wed., Thur., and Sun. 11am-5pm, and Fri. and Sat. 11am-8pm.

Ron Charlesworth - founder of Speed of Sound Music - is a seasoned musician with experience in several areas of the music industry. His versatility has allowed him to play the role of performer. photo:

Speed of Sound Music is the result of Ron Charlesworth’s passion for bringing music to people – kids and adults alike - encouraging them to learn an instrument and then moving beyond playing solitarily by getting together to make music. Speed of Sound provides the lessons learning to read music and play an instrument. Then with experienced musicians, the up and coming are taught “what it is like to be in a real band, what roles each instrument has in the music, and how to communicate to their band mates”. These new musicians are taught real life lessons. 6 and up, way up, are welcome; 207 N. Cloverdale Blvd.;  or call:707-992-5850 for an appointment. 

Young and old be part of Cloverdale’s evolution! Enjoy!


Cloverdale Comments by Carol Russell & Reese Foxen



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