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It Is Never Too Late! Local Scientist Talks Climate Change

Feb 25, 2019
by Duane Dewitt


Carl Mears has a good sense of humor for a Climate Scientist. He was good at making people laugh at a  Center for Climate Protection-sponsored talk on the dangers of Climate Change on Thursday, Jan. 31, in Santa Rosa.

He was able to make people laugh even while pointing out there will be serious trouble ahead for the planet if there are not changes to the business as usual (BAU) approach many national governments are taking instead of addressing this problem.

This includes the United States approach of waiting for better science. Mears showed a video of a high tide event on a clear day, without a storm, in the San Diego region where flooding was occurring in La Jolla Shores recently. He pointed out the hotel where he often stayed had an underground garage that almost flooded. He dryly recommended it get some pumps pretty soon.

Carl Mears

This is an example of adaptation in the words of policy makers and scientists. In other words doing something reactively to compensate for and mitigate for what is already happening.

Mears had a nice Power Point presentation where he showed the crowd graphics to better understand complex issues regarding what is happening with Global Warming and Climate Change on a worldwide basis.

The presentation was not so complex to where it would be difficult to understand the ramifications of BAU and the US Government’s current approach to the issues. On a local level, a teenager in the crowd asked Mears to visit his middle school to give a talk about the issues and in regards to the title of the talk, “Is it too late?”

At the end of his presentation Mears answered numerous questions from the audience. This reporter felt the biggest take away from the event is an answer to the title question.

It is never too late to start trying to change the behavior of various cultures which are the heaviest polluters. The US is up at the top of the list of industrialized nations needing to make large changes sooner than later for the effects to be meaningful.

Now will be the time for local residents in Sonoma County to make decisions as to what they believe may be helpful to their approach to life for themselves and their families. Also keeping in mind, what will be more helpful to the next generation of Americans and their families and grandchildren?

It is never too late to help our families cope with the unexpected changes which will come with Climate Change and Global Warming.


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