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When the ideas for improvement come from your team, they are more likely to follow through with change.
When the ideas for improvement come from your team, they are more likely to follow through with change. Photo: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Be A Great Manager 

Apr 27, 2019
by Elizabeth Slater


Being a boss, at any level, is rarely easy. There are times that you wish your employees would just do what you want them to do and there are times that your employees wished that you understood the problems that implementing new rules and regulations may result in. As a middle manager there can also be times that you have to implement procedures that you do not agree with, as the requests for change come from higher up the chain.

Managing people sometimes has its drawbacks, though when done well, it also has its rewards.  From an article on the Insperity website here are a few tips on managing staff. Even if you are not working as a manager but as part of a group these ideas on how manage may help your working relationships with your fellow employees. If you cannot find anything positive, then that employee may not be right for you.

Credit where it is due

If employees are doing a good job, let them know that you have noticed. You may also tell them that you have passed the information on their performance up the chain. Complimenting employees on their work motivates them to work harder and will make them happier in their jobs.  Find positive things to say about all employees. Happy employees make for happy customers.

Breaking Bad News

Sometimes managers have to institute procedures that they know the employees won’t like. In these cases, how you break the news is just as, if not more important, than what you say. Be clear when you present the information and do it in person. Take the time to meet with your staff to let them know what is going on. 

Additionally, giving your team the time to air their views on the subject and giving credence and feedback to their opinions will make employees feel that they are being heard.

Be Clear About Expectations

If employees know what you expect from them, your expectations are more like to be met

When you implement new procedures, ensure that you do so well before the new procedures are put into action. That way your staff has the opportunity to think through what it means to them and how they can best handle the changes. With everyone thinking about the new procedures they may come up with some ideas to improve on them.

Be A Part Of The Team

As well as managing a team, you should want to have a good relationship with your team. Have the same standards for your work as you have for the work of your employees. Help your employees to increase their strengths and work on their weaknesses. It is easier for most of us to see weaknesses in others, so be sure to look inside (or ask your boss) for your weaknesses and how you can be stronger in those areas.

Help Your Team Excel

As a manager you are the leader and the cheerleader. Spend as much time telling your team what they are doing well as you spend telling them how they can improve. Start each staff meeting with a few minutes for everyone to talk about what they think the team is doing well and what they believe the team could improve upon.  When the ideas for improvement come from them, they are more likely to follow through with change.

Also encourage them to improve their skills. Provide information or bring in speakers to help them improve. If they are given the opportunity to grow and learn in the job, they will be happier and more productive.  

Workplaces can be fraught with conflict.

It is common for managers to be more compatible with some employees than they are  with others. However, try not to let your personal feelings get in the way and judge each employee on how well they do their job and their value to the company. Also help employees to resolve conflict with each other.

Life is not always perfect 

You and your employees have personal lives and sometimes things go wrong. Be aware of what is going on in your employees’ personal lives. Cut them some slack when you know that the problems, they are experiencing are temporary and may not be of their own making. Do the same for yourself, when you are going through a rough patch. 

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