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Timber Cove is hosting an onsite Walkabout with Unbeaten Path Hiking Tours & Yoga's Margaret Lindgren every Saturday from 9 AM to 10 AM from June - November 2019! Photo:
Timber Cove is hosting an onsite Walkabout with Unbeaten Path Hiking Tours & Yoga's Margaret Lindgren every Saturday from 9 AM to 10 AM from June - November 2019! Photo:

Random Acts of Kindness

Timber Cove “Connect to Place” 
Onsite Walkabout

May 27, 2019


By Robin Joy Wellman

We’ve talked about Random Acts of Kindness (RAK). Let’s talk about this idea again. I think about the ‘old timers’ on the coast and what that meant for them. I truly believe it was an essential part of their life to depend on neighbors and community. To help with loose horses or cows, to build a new shed, or barn raising, to repair a wagon wheel, or offer plant starts that came from Aunt Martha back east. Quilting parties for the young ones getting married or having babies, blacksmith’s open house, food delivered when someone got sick, or to assist in canning and putting away food was all a part of life. When someone needed you, you were there and they in turn were there for you.

FORT ROSS STATE PARK. Think about the ‘old timers’ on the coast and what Random Acts of Kindness meant for them. Photo:

When I first arrived on the coast, we had a coop to purchase good organic bulk food back in the early 80’s. We would sort and deliver for each other.  It was a great way to spend time and talk about our own gardens and land. We went over and helped each other work on our houses, or gardens. Potlucks on the old dirt road, with the longest of tables and everyone bringing lots of homegrown, homemade food, are a memory I cherish. It felt normal to ask the guys to come and pull my old water well pump and they all came willingly. It only took a few hours. When the new pump came, they put it all back and the water flowed, and we all cheered. Or how about the time when the kids (my boys) would miss the bus and the local sheriff would take them to school if he was passing by. He just happened to be passing by the Annapolis area! Today we call these heroic acts of kindness. But back then it was just what you did. It always feels good to make a huckleberry pie and share it. I love that idea and hope you can find ways in your life to create RAK. 

June is full of good times on the coast. Memorial Day is loaded with events on the coast. Kyle Williams is playing at Timber Cove Resort May 27th from 2 PM to 5 PM. He’ll be in the Great Room playing some choice original tunes along with a slew of cover songs to provide the perfect soundtrack to your Memorial Day Weekend!  Just imagine sipping your favorite relaxer enjoying some great tunes with friends and family.

Also at Timber Cove is “Connect to Place”  with an onsite Walkabouthosted by Unbeaten Path Hiking Tours & Yoga with Margaret Lindgren every Saturday from 9 AM to 10 AM from June - November 2019! This one hour onsite outdoor experience provides great insight into the property’s natural surroundings and wildlife as well as its unique & historical attributes, including fascinating details of our most prominent & signature feature, Benny Bufano’s Peace Obelisk.  Locals are invited for a small token fee of $10. Visit  for more updates and all event info. 

Don't miss the Sea Ranch Volunteer Fire Department annual BBQ on Sunday May 26th at One Eyed Jacks. Photo: waymarking.comIf you want hometown it doesn’t get any better than The Sea Ranch Volunteer Fire Department annual BBQ on Sunday May 26th at One Eyed Jacks.  For info visit them at Memorial Day Weekend BBQ Picnic  The Memorial Day picnic is the VFD's major fundraiser for the year. It is an "old-fashioned" picnic, a simple (but tasty!) menu of hamburgers, hot dogs, hot links, veggie burgers, slaw, beans, fruit, dessert, soft drinks, beer, or wine; kids games at 1:30 (sack races, water balloon toss, tug o' war...), and a visit from SMOKEY BEAR for the kids and the kids-at-heart. They hope to see everyone there for food, games, fun, and community!

Jenner Wildland Conservancy is an amazing organization doing wonderful work in management and education of a beautiful piece of land. “ At the time of its purchase, Jenner Headlands was the single largest conservation acquisition in Sonoma County history.” Jenner Headlands Preserve is open daily free of charge. Access to the Preserve's 14 miles of hiking trails is available through the Gateway to Jenner Headlands. The Gateway offers free parking, information kiosks, and an ADA trail to restrooms and a scenic picnic area. The 30-space parking lot and trails will be open to the public free of charge from 8 am to sunset.

Gualala Arts Center. Photo:

Gualala and our coastal regions are blessed with a fantastic art center and which has something going on every day of the year. If you have an art idea, or an event idea I am sure they can make it happen. In June alone GAC hosts 8 different classes from Oils and Acrylics, Doodling and Tangling, Quilts landscaping, Fermentation Basics (sounds very healthy and good), Abstract Painting and Spirit of Nature, Basics of Drawing, and Chinese Brush painting. They are also host to two concerts, and art exhibit openings by several artists. Check them out often for all updates and current events. Do you love pizza – well they have one of the coolest pizza ovens on the coast and often have pizza bakes. Visit  for all the info. 

June 15 at 4 p.m. Scott Mercer will present “Large Baleen Whales of the Local Coast” as part of the Lighthouse Lecture Series. Photo: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

Further north in Point Arena the Lighthouse is always a shining star! On Saturday, June 15 at 4 p.m. Scott Mercer will present “Large Baleen Whales of the Local Coast” as part of the Lighthouse Lecture Series. If you want to know about our whales that pass by, this is the perfect lecture for you. A close look at the common Large Baleen Whales of the Local Coast including humpback, finback, and blue whale, with a special emphasis on the ecology of the gray whale and the 2019 census will be highlighted.  For each species they will look at their overall dimensions, population’s, geographic range, food preferences, and feeding strategies. They will give extra emphasis to the ecology of the gray whale and report the results of our sixth annual gray whale census and mother/ calf pairs. Also check out the night tours, the lighthouse tours and more at   

Arena Theater logo

The Arena Theater hosts two headliners in live performances. Stand up with Johnny Steele, a well-known comic on June 15 with doors opening at 7:30. ‘Performing stand-up across the US, Canada, and overseas for more than 30 years, Johnny Steele has garnered critical praise and numerous awards for his free-form comedy style and irreverent point of view’. Winner of several awards, and competitions, and hosts to radio and TV shows, you are in for some good laughs. And next up is Vanessa Collier on June 29 with doors opening at 7 PM. She sings and plays the blues that can make you happy. She has performed with many big names playing her sax, has her own albums, and will blow you away. Remember this is an intimate venue. The Arena Theater also has first run movies, oldies and goodies, live performances, and tele live broadcasts throughout the month with a full schedule.  Visit them at

How about a walk on pristine land at Jenner in the morning, an afternoon music performance at the Timber Cove Resort with Kyle, a browse through the Gualala Arts exhibit halls, dinner at one of the wonderful places to eat in Gualala or Point Arena, and an evening performance at the Theater. Stay overnight at the Lighthouse in one of the Coast Guard cottages or the Bryan B Preserve cottages. Perfect right! And please don’t forget the Random Acts of Kindness (RAK baby).  With Gratitude. 



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