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Swainsons Thrush

Ode to the Return of the Birds of Spring

May 2, 2018
by Lisa Hug


Swainson’s Thrushes singing this season

Give me a very, very good reason

To get out and hike

Or possibly bike

Into the forest, where songs are teasin’.


Hooded OrioleOrange and ornate the orioles are

Here from subtropical lands afar.

They build and build their hanging nests

But there within they do not rest.

They brood and feed then fledge their stars.


Violet-Green SwallowSwirling swallows swoop and swoop.

Like Blue Angels’ loop-de-loops

Pesky gnats and flies they eat

To them, they are delicious treats

So please forgive their messy poops.


When wandering warblers awaken the trees.

Most rejoice, but not the fleas

For warblers are insectivores,

They eat bugs by scores and scores

Watch out, good beetles and spiders and bees!


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