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Sep 10, 2018


Every election is important, but this one has serious significance for both local and national elections. Our readers check in with their opinions on who and what they encourage you to vote YES.

Is Voting Yes on Measure 10 the Right Choice?

Rent control doesn’t solve housing problems and it too often complicates the housing market for everyone-even renters because there has never been a rent control law that is airtight enough to keep landlords from finding ways around it that hurts renters in them long run. It only sounds good to voters who need help right now so they go for it and those running for office can use its feel good sentimentality to get votes too. What is good about it is taking it’s control out of the hands of the state allowing local municipalities to use it freely for their own purposes; and sometimes its temporary use is productive but requires a very smart and knowledgeable government system to use it efficiently. Does it move the dial in the right direction to make a point that people are tired of the housing situation and want productive change from government? Yes, but that’s all it does is make a point that people are fed up while not solving any of the problems that are causing them to be frustrated. Its too little too late. Should people vote yes on it? If the point it to make a point to demand their government do more about housing, than definitely vote yes, especially if that’s all there is to vote on, but if effective change is what is wanted, there will be a disappointment. Measure 10 is one of those difficult voter questions where we have to ask “how do we let our leaders hear that we want change, without having to vote for laws that hurt us?” I don’t want to discourage people from their only voting voice but it’s a shame that this is the only thing on the ballot for such and important issue.

Angela Conte

Wake Up Petaluma

Petaluma has a particularly crucial election approaching that will most definitely determine whether our city remains a livable one or whether we will be sold out to developers keen to cash in on the town’s burgeoning popularity and proximity to The City.

With November’s elections, Petaluma will see not only the mayoral change of guard but also a there are 3 seats in our City Council to be decided and, close on the heels, a new City Manager. This election could be a game-changer to the quality of life that Petalumans so highly value.

With so much at stake, I am particularly concerned about Petaluma’s mayoral. I am compelled to speak out about my very strong preference. Make no mistake, there are two very different candidates competing for this seat. 

One candidate, Mike Harris, is a thinly veiled former Republican (former Bush/Cheney Delegate, pro-Corporate Personhood), an opponent of the assault weapons ban, supporter of the forever Sales Tax Measure Q and an opponent of key local environmental issues.

My choice is clear and strong:Teresa Barrett.

In the 25 years that I’ve lived in Petaluma, I’ve watched Teresa in action through her 12 years serving on City Council. In that time, she has shown tremendous dedication and tireless determination and she has acquired the experience and qualifications to be the next Mayor of Petaluma. 

Teresa Barrett has devoted herself to making Petaluma a safer, more prosperous and desirable community. Her focus on smart growth and traffic resolution has been key in making Petaluma more livable for all. She has fought to achieve equitable housing opportunities and traffic mitigation while protecting our beautiful surroundings and focusing on clean energy.

Petaluma is booming and we can thank Teresa Barrett for having done her part in making this happen. She has an extremely impressive list of endorsements from elected officials, including Congressmen Jared Huffman and Mike Thompson, organizations such as the AFL-CIO, Sonoma County Conservation Action and the Sierra Club, local businesses, community leaders and private individuals. I’m delighted to be among her list of endorsers.

Petaluma is at a juncture that needs strong, clear-headed leadership. Teresa Barrett is the mayor we need now. I strongly encourage Petalumans to vote in November for Teresa Barrett for Petaluma’s Mayor in 2018 so that we can continue to grow as a community, as a prosperous town and a most desirable place to visit and to live.   

Get to know Teresa, visit her campaign and vote for Teresa Barrett.

John Crowley & Diane Gentile, Petaluma

Get Involved!

By Sister District - West County Group

You can help elect Democratic candidates to state legislatures that are currently Republican held. OnOctober 20, we will hit the Forestville trail again with“Walk It Blue”. Prizes for walkers are donated by local businesses and all proceeds go to Democratic candidates in Arizona’s State Legislature. 

The third Friday of each month in Rohnert Park, Sister District members take part in a rousing poker night; earnings are divided between several political groups. The evenings start with food and wine after 5 and usually continue until 10.

If you wish to join us, email for directions.

Still feeling frustrated about current events? There are plenty of ways to get involved to take back red districts in other areas! Work groups are forming as we ramp up toward the November election. We are helping our candidates reach potential voters with postcards, phone calls and text messages, encouraging folks to register and vote on election day. For more information email Sister District Sonoma West County at

A burst of action to be a force for positive change after November 2016

Sister District Project was formed by four women in San Francisco after the election in November 2016. The founders realized that they were living in a very blue district and wondered how to channel their energy and frustration to influence elections in red states. They understood that volunteers in blue districts could send help through fundraising, canvassing, and phone banking for qualified Democratic candidates. The Sister District founders decided that targeting state legislative races was a way to ensure that all Americans have equal representation and our government works for all people, not just the minority in power. Sister District analysts did intensive research and selected the most important and winnable races for 48 local groups to support.

Sonoma West Sister District Chapter formed 2017

In the 2017 elections, our local West County Sister District group was formed and supported two candidates running for the Virginia State Legislature; both candidates won. The previously Republican legislature nearly changed hands from red to blue, coming down to a coin toss. In 2018, our local group is working to elect three excellent Democratic candidates in Arizona. Nationally, 48 Sister District chapters have assisted 16 candidates in winning their seats! This year 21 candidates are benefiting from our support! People can make a difference with their energy in areas where every extra bit of help can have an impact.

In 2018 West County Sister District has already raised over $6400. You can be part of the positive change we are working toward: come to our events, join Sister District Project, help us get out the vote for a Democratic victory in November and beyond. For more information: Our chapter is linked with Congressional District 2.

YES - Parks for ALL - Measure M

The last time we voted on funding maintenance for our parks we came SO CLOSE! The Measure has been re-written to fund both City and County Parks for upgrades and maintenance - which we NEED!

When you take your kids to play with others in the park with playgrounds and you want clean restrooms - it’s THIS MONEY that allows you to have a decent park to share family time.

When you crave a walk among trees or down by the river because you’ve been cooped up indoors for too long, THIS is where you go to get respite from being trapped indoors.

When stress has you tied into knots, THIS is where you go to breathe in deep the air purified by trees.

When you crave the song of birds instead of the roar of traffic - THIS is where you get away so you can hear them twittering among branches.

We, as human beings and animals, NEED parks to relieve stress, clean air, take walks with friends, play with our children...RELAX.

Whether it’s a small park in your neighborhood or a large park with hiking trails into the forest...this TINY TAX on your purchases...and the purchases of tourists coming to visit our home...will help keep our parks maintained when we need them.

Parks also provide OPEN SPACES to rest our eyes...break up communities so we are not all one big parking/shopping/housing development.

We NEED our parks and we NEED to keep them maintained.

That’s what this tiny tax is about. Please VOTE YES on Measure M!

Vesta Copestakes, Sonoma County Gazette

Bill & Dave Hikes Endorse Measure M

Dave and I have endorsed Measure M on the ballot this November, a 1/8 cent sales tax for 10 years to supportSonoma County Regional Parks and theCity Parks in Sonoma County. 

The money would be divided 2/3 to our county parks and 1/3 to the parks/rec programs in the nine incorporated cities in Sonoma County. 

If you would also like to endorse Measure M, go to to join us.

Bill & Dave Hikes are sponsored by Sonoma County Regional Parks, California State Parks, Jack London Park Partners, Team Sugarloaf, the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, and Valley of the Moon Natural History Association. 

For more information, contact me at 833-6288, Dave at 539-8847, and visit our We have been leading free monthly hikes in Sonoma County for over 18 years.

Bill Myers & Dave Chalk


Vote to improve our parks! YES on Measure M
For City and Regional Parks in Sonoma County

The Southeast Greenway Campaign urges you to vote yes on Measure M on the November 6th ballot. If passed with two-thirds of the vote, Measure M would generate approximately $11.5 million annually for our county and city parks.

What are the needs?

Both our county and city parks face increasing costs to operate and maintain existing parks, to protect our natural resources, to reduce wildfire risk, and to open new parks for public use. The parks also face a growing demand for recreation, health, safety and education programs for people of all ages.

What is the ballot measure?

Voters in Sonoma County will be asked in the November 6 general election to consider a one-eighth cent sales tax (0.125%) to support Sonoma County Regional Parks and city park systems for 10 years. The tax would apply to all areas of Sonoma County. A 0.125% tax would add 3¢ to the cost of a $25 restaurant meal and 6¢ to the cost of a $50 gift card.

If adopted by Sonoma County Voters, two-thirds of the funds collected would be spent on Sonoma County Regional Parks and one-third would be shared by Sonoma County’s cities to maintain and improve city parks. The measure would require that revenue not be used to reduce existing funding for parks and recreation.

How would we benefit?

Individual cities will determine how best to prioritize their funding projects. Here in Santa Rosa, we might look forward to restoring the park in the damaged Coffey Park neighborhood and opening the plannedKawana Springs and Roseland Creek Community Parks.

Greater resources would also be available for future parks and open space such as the Southeast Greenway.Sonoma County Regional Parks will use the funds to maintain parks, trails and open spaces, reduce the risk of future wildfires, protect wildlife habitats and fisheries, open new parks, and improve access to Regional Parksfor all county residents.

Our Sonoma County parks offer abundant opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Measure M will strengthen and expand our park systems for the decade ahead.

Learn more and sign up to help pass Measure M

Learn more about our Parks at:

Volunteers for Sonoma County Parks for ALL


Nov 2, 2018
I believe that parks are very important. I would like to see more permanent funding for parks from the general fund. I will probably vote for this, but grudgingly. This is a temporary measure which raises our already high sales tax and it doesn't address the fact that Sonoma County Regional Parks charges money for parking at most of our "public" parks. "Parks for All" would be true if the parks were free for the public to use.
- Barbara DeIonno

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