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YES on measure M

OPINION: YES on Measure M
for City and Regional Parks in Sonoma County

Oct 5, 2018


Encouraging you to VOTE for what YOU believe is GOOD for YOUR Community

Vote to improve our parks! YES on Measure M for City and Regional Parks in Sonoma County

The Southeast Greenway Campaign urges you to vote yes on Measure M on the November 6th ballot. If passed with two-thirds of the vote, Measure M would generate approximately $11.5 million annually for our county and city parks.

What are the needs?

Both our county and city parks face increasing costs to operate and maintain existing parks, to protect our natural resources, to reduce wildfire risk, and to open new parks for public use. The parks also face a growing demand for recreation, health, safety and education programs for people of all ages.

What is the ballot measure?

Voters in Sonoma County will be asked in the November 6 general election to consider a one-eighth cent sales tax (0.125%) to support Sonoma County Regional Parks and city park systems for 10 years. The tax would apply to all areas of Sonoma County. A 0.125% tax would add 3¢ to the cost of a $25 restaurant meal and 6¢ to the cost of a $50 gift card.

If adopted by Sonoma County Voters, two-thirds of the funds collected would be spent on Sonoma County Regional Parks and one-third would be shared by Sonoma County’s cities to maintain and improve city parks. The measure would require that revenue not be used to reduce existing funding for parks and recreation.

How would we benefit?

Individual cities will determine how best to prioritize their funding projects. Here in Santa Rosa, we might look forward to restoring the park in the damaged Coffey Park neighborhood and opening the planned Kawana Springs and Roseland Creek Community Parks.

Greater resources would also be available for future parks and open space such as the Southeast GreenwaySonoma County Regional Parks will use the funds to maintain parks, trails and open spaces, reduce the risk of future wildfires, protect wildlife habitats and fisheries, open new parks, and improve access to Regional Parks for all county residents.

Our Sonoma County parks offer abundant opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Measure M will strengthen and expand our park systems for the decade ahead.

Learn more and sign up to help pass Measure M at:

Learn more about our Parks at

Volunteers for Sonoma County Parks for ALL

Bill & Dave Hikes Endorse Measure M

Dave and I have endorsed Measure M on the ballot this November, a 1/8 cent sales tax for 10 years to support Sonoma County Regional Parks and the City Parks in Sonoma County. 

The money would be divided 2/3 to our county parks and 1/3 to the parks/rec programs in the nine incorporated cities in Sonoma County. 

If you would also like to endorse Measure M, go to to join us.

Bill & Dave Hikes are sponsored by Sonoma County Regional Parks, California State Parks, Jack London Park Partners, Team Sugarloaf, the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, and Valley of the Moon Natural History Association. 

For more information, contact me at 833-6288, Dave at 539-8847, and visit our website: We have been leading free monthly hikes in Sonoma County for over 18 years.

Bill Myers & Dave Chalk, Kenwood

YES - Parks for ALL - Measure M

The last time we voted on funding maintenance for our parks we came SO CLOSE! The Measure has been re-written to fund both City and County Parks for upgrades and maintenance - which we NEED!

When you take your kids to play with others in the park with playgrounds and you want clean restrooms - it’s THIS MONEY that allows you to have a decent park to share family time.

When you crave a walk among trees or down by the river because you’ve been cooped up indoors for too long, THIS is where you go to get respite from being trapped indoors.

When stress has you tied into knots, THIS is where you go to breathe in deep the air purified by trees.

When you crave the song of birds instead of the roar of traffic - THIS is where you get away so you can hear them twittering among branches.

We, as human beings and animals, NEED parks to relieve stress, clean air, take walks with friends, play with our children...RELAX.

Whether it’s a small park in your neighborhood or a large park with hiking trails into the forest...this TINY TAX on your purchases...and the purchases of tourists coming to visit our home...will help keep our parks maintained when we need them.

Parks also provide OPEN SPACES to rest our eyes...break up communities so we are not all one big parking/shopping/housing development.

We NEED our parks and we NEED to keep them maintained.

That’s what this tiny tax is about. Please VOTE YES on Measure M!

Vesta Copestakes, Sonoma County Gazette, Forestville

PLEASE READ this article that includes a list of all CITY parks as well as REGIONAL parks. You will see HOW MANY PARKS exist in Sonoma County and understand why maintaining them is so important to our community



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