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The book displays 140 photographs, a dozen maps, commentaries by local writers, hikers, and preservationists with gorgeous Photographs by Ed Cooper.
The book displays 140 photographs, a dozen maps, commentaries by local writers, hikers, and preservationists with gorgeous Photographs by Ed Cooper.

Local Authors Celebrate
The Gifts And Beauty
Of Sonoma Mountain

Book Launch Party April 3, at the Vintage House


Mar 30, 2019
by Thomas Martin


A newly published book, “Where The World Begins: Sonoma Mountain Stories and Images”, is written by local authors, Arthur Dawson, Meg Beeler, Rebecca Lawton, and Tracy Salcedo. 

This coffee table book displays 140 photographs, a dozen maps, and a treasure of commentaries by local writers, hikers, and preservationists. Photographer Ed Cooper, Sonoma Mountain resident, provides a series of gorgeous pictures. 

Stories and information flow from such diverse sources as the Miwok, Jack London, and local writers Wendy Eliot and Richard Dale. There will be a majorBook Launch Party at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 3, at the Vintage House. The whole community is invited. The authors will speak and the book will be for sale. The event is co-sponsored by Reader’s Books, Jack London Park, Sonoma Nature, Sonoma Agriculture and Open Space District, and the Sonoma Ecology Center. 

Come hear stories of your Sonoma Mountain trails and the wildlife and flora of the mountain that looks upon us day and night. This is your mountain! Learn about it! Preserve it! Enjoy it!

North Sonoma Residents Critical Of Springs Specific Plan!

“North Sonoma?” If you looked for it on a map you wouldn’t find it! Yet, on the night of March 6 at the Sonoma Library many of the nearly one hundred anxious residents proclaimed they lived in “North Sonoma.” This area is bounded by Highway 12 on the west, the final extension of Donald Avenue on the east, and the area in between Ernest and Verano Avenue.

What was the fuss? Well, “North Sonoma” residents loudly voiced their concerns over several matters in argumentative and accusative tones.                                   

“What’s the Springs Specific Plan? We’ve never heard of any Plan.”

“Why were we included in the Plan? We don’t live in the Springs!” 

“Is a high density affordable housing project to be built in our neighborhood? (A map was produced showing multi-color spaces  with each color representing different zoning configurations.) 

“Does the dark brown area mean we are getting a high rise?” 

“The neighborhood already has traffic problems. Don’t add more.” 

“Our home values will be reduced.” 

“No one cares about our neighborhood. The fire department was going to let us burn if the fires last year reached North Sonoma.” 

“The MAC (Municipal Advisory Council) that was recently appointed included no one from our community.”

“We were never informed!”   

Supervisor Gorin responded…. First, she assured the gathering that no final decisions have been made. In fact, a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) won’t be completed until some time in April or May. That will be followed by a 45 day public response period and a public meeting. People will be notified in the usual manner. Read the newspapers. Listen to FM KSVY (91.3). Watch for notices. In addition, a special letter will be mailed to everyone living within the boundaries of the SSP and 1,000 feet beyond. 

Commentary: There is considerable empathy for residents of the Donald Street area.  If they truly didn’t know of their inclusion in the economic development plan meant to upgrade the entire area it’s rather striking.  

The Springs Specific Plan (SSP) has been in the planning stages since 2012. There were at least three well publicized meetings where residents provided advice and direction. 

While residents laid blame on the County, lessons we all learned in junior and senior high school government classes were forgotten. Read the paper. Stay alert! Be informed!

“North Sonoma?” The frequent comment that residents didn’t live in the Springs, but rather in North Sonoma, sounded like nimbyism. 

We live in the same community. Let’s work together. 

If the County did err it is making amends. The Donald folks are putting together a committee meeting to which County representatives will be invited. 

Housing is needed in Sonoma. All open parcels are being examined for development. Whether it is through the SSP or other initiative, vacant spaces will be explored for building sites. Areas bordering the city are no exception. 

















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