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Proposed design for Milestone Siesta, a 91-unit affordable housing development between Siesta and Thompson east of Highway 12. (KTGY Architecture and Planning). 171 Siesta Way Trailer park
Proposed design for Milestone Siesta, a 91-unit affordable housing development between Siesta and Thompson east of Highway 12. (KTGY Architecture and Planning). 171 Siesta Way Trailer park


6-3 Split vote! 

Jun 28, 2019
by Thomas Martin


In June the Sonoma Valley Citizens Advisory Commission (SVCAC) voted to send the County Planning Department a proposal to build 92 senior affordable housing units on property now housing a mobile home park including twelve (12) households. The Springs affordable housing proposal passed 6-3 Split vote. Thirty-six people would be subject to eviction - 25 adults and 11 children to be replaced by 300 seniors in a three story building. Commissioners stated concern for the current inhabitants but seemed placated by the fact that State law will govern what will happen to these people if Sonoma County approves the project. The rules are complex. Let’s hope the evictees have access to free legal help. 

More info updated info here: "All of the residents would be relocated and given housing support, following a six-month notice to vacate. That notice was delivered to the residents on June 9. " 

Ann Colichidas, President of the Sonoma Valley Mobile Homeowners Association, submitted a letter reflecting life now. “I see HOME to multigenerational families living there for decades. I see a safe affordable community, I see kids playing where there is no traffic, I see people sitting out on their verandas in the fresh air, I see flowers that are someone’s pride and joy…  I see trees, a big sky and glimpses of Sonoma Mountain. I see a location that provides access to necessary goods, services, jobs and transportation. I see families afraid of losing their homes and battle weary from previous attempts to close the park and the ongoing campaign of the park owner.”

The developer, Milestone Housing of Los Gatos, faced a variety of questions that centered on four topics. 

  1. Procedures for protecting the current residents. 

  2. The size of the three story project to be sandwiched among Siesta Way, E. Thomson, and Highway 12. Current Sonoma rules don’t allow three story structures. A comment, “People on the third story will be gazing into everyone’s backyard on E. Thomson!” Also, there were inquiries about the protection of the nine (9) mature oaks vulnerable because of oversize parking areas.

  3. Why are there 92 units (544 square feet each) laid out on a 2.29 acre parcel? Isn’t that a case of overload? Another questioner asked why are they single bedroom apartments? What about elders who need a two bedroom complex? The new senior affordable units at Fetters down the road have 1-2-3 bedroom facilities. 

  4. The most frequent criticism of the Milestone proposal was its Siesta Way location. Traffic from the neighborhoods to the east is heavy. Three minute stops at Highway 12 are common.  

Springs Splash will keep you informed of what comes next. . Those who wish to ask questions of the County planner in charge may contact him at (707-565-1735)

The Los Robles Bell catches the eye of daily walkers!

Los Robles Drive above Central mission type bell set in concrete.People, children, and pets stroll the streets of Boyes Springs daily. On Los Robles Drive above Central they come face to face with a large mission type bell set in concrete. They often ask, “From where did  this come? What’s its history?”  

The bell has resided at Ms. Lynn Spivak’s home for twenty years (2000). Ms. Spivak’s parents, Eugene and Shirley Spivak, lived in Detroit, Michigan. Traveling to Denver, Colorado, they passed a church in Matherton, Minnesota, that was being decommissioned. The bell was for sale. They purchased it with the intent to install it in a schoolhouse in Nebraska. However, the schoolhouse belfry was too small to hold the bell. 

Then Ms. Spivak’s parents moved to Sonoma. They brought the bell with them and placed it in front of their house on Kearney Drive. Eventually they gave the bell to their daughter, Lynn Spivak, and she had the bell placed where it is today. 

There are no foundry casting marks to indicate where it was cast.  The next time you walk Loa Robles examine the bell. Thank you Ms. Spivak for adding cultural interest for the many walkers who pass the bell each day

~Need to order take out? Tell Jack & Julian what you want!

Since the plague began, Picazo’s Restaurant on Highway 12 placed a table at the outer reaches of Maxwell Village where residents could drive by and order a take-out meal. Recently, Jack and Julian, proved to be helpful citizens. 

Update from facebook: "Grand opening is happening Monday, June 29th for indoor and patio dining! Thank you for your continued support and for all the take-out during this hard time. We can’t wait to share our new menu and deals with you!"




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