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Our question was posed to residents on the sidewalk, in markets and stores.
Our question was posed to residents on the sidewalk, in markets and stores.

It’s Springtime!

Apr 25, 2019
by Thomas Martin


May 2019 – Citizens express their views from the streets and avenues in mid-April!

The following question was posed to residents on the sidewalk, in markets, at the Dollar Store, Barking Dog, and Post Offices….

It’s springtime! The rain is nearly gone.
What changes or conditions do you see needed in the Springs? What do you like in the Springs?

I really like the repairing of houses. The Springs is much nicer with paint and maintenance that’s going on all over. – Chuck Palenchar

I like the improvement of the weather. Drink wine and water. There are many folks at the Mission Inn for Easter Week. In the twenty years I’ve lived here I’ve seen lots of changes for Latinos and appreciate the support. – Karina Catalan

Been here fifteen years. Seen Latinos grow up better and free. There’s improved high quality child care. I’m unhappy with the Mattsons buying up all the property in the area. – Kathy Page

I like the street improvements made. However, speed bumps are needed even though I don’t like them. The Agua Caliente pool is great. I enjoy the therapeutic waters. The new sidewalks and lighting are great, but there are still too many cars. More sidewalks are needed in Agua Caliente. – Carol Spicer

I like the protection of the local culture while making improvements. Many people are looking for housing. – Frank Kofsuske

I like swimming at the Sonoma Aquatic Club. – Sasha Kofsuske

The Springs are good. We are OK here. It’s been about one year. I’m fine. – Kim, The Nail Place

The Springs are improving and good. I like the colorful buildings like Plain Jane & La Michoacana. I want our landmarks to stand out. – - Darlene Donigan

I’m excited to see the new restaurants, the Hamburger Place and Noodle Factory. I’m always excited about new places for families. I give a plus to the proposed Springs Specific Plan and the Highway 12 improvements.  – Karen Johnson

The Maxwell Park ball field for kids is great. I also like the Aqua Caliente Swim Center. I’ll be able to go there in a year.
– Logan Johnson

Sonoma is beautiful and welcoming. This is the second month (8 weeks) in my new house. It’s gorgeous, new, and I’m so pleased.
– Geraldine MacKenzie

Everyone is happy right now. Business is always good in the spring. - Omar Homran, Fruit Basket

Sonoma Store

If you want a great easy dinner, slow cooking, BBQ pulled pork, go to One call does it all! 
– Jim Kenefick, General Contractor

We need more food restaurants, a mall, an “In and Out Burger,” restaurant where young people can hang out. I like the swim center. 
- Jamilee Olalde

Along the highway, there’s no parking for people. No parking along the whole highway! – Nanda Daungel

I enjoy seeing customers at other places when I’m out shopping. People here are very friendly. People in Kenwood where I grew up are a bit more closed. The Springs are lively and active. I like Sonoma. - Name Withheld

I’m happy with our opening. I grew up in the Springs. The neighborhood has always been changing. I wish the neighborhood was more of a community. We need more foot traffic, more infrastructure, so you don’t have to use a car. People drive too fast along here. Drop in for a hamburger (and a beer – Sonoma Springs, “We keep it local!”) - Garrett Sathre, Hamburger West

It’s been 5-6 weeks since I registered a complaint with Sonoma County about the tire buster potholes, and general roughness of the streets. This is especially true of East Thompson and Calle del Monte. Drivers must weave, dodge, and hold on to their hats simply to go from one corner to the next. Sonoma County, come repair our roads!  – Citizen Q


Springs Splash by Thomas Marti














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