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Millions of these wireless transmitters will be built in our public rights-of-way.
Millions of these wireless transmitters will be built in our public rights-of-way — directly in front of our homes. These been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment. Photo:

Telecom Industry Plans
to Install 5G Cell Towers
In Our neighborhoods...! 

May 5, 2019


My community work this past year is dedicated to two career firefighters: Charlie Rice, RIP March 29, 2018 and his widow, Shellie Rice, of Napa.  I was asked to help stop the invasion of 60+ Verizon 5G cell towers in the city of Napa, with one tower to be installed in front of the Rice’s home on Franklin Street. I soon discovered that the 5G roll over was also happening in the cities of Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol & Petaluma. More recently, the telecom industry has headed for Marin County. They have already been installed in Sacramento.  

My activist experience began at my family dinner table, where my career military father would ask – What have you done for the good of your country today? Yes, I consider myself a patriot, but I became a peaceful warrior, a writer/researcher and a community activist.  I will continue to fight the telecom industry’s attempts to destroy our health, homes and planet. After one year of studying EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies), researching the well documented health hazards, engaging in educating the public and city officials, I feel I understand this war. It is a David and Goliath struggle.

The damage 5G will do is much greater than the already polluting 4G.

What is a 5G close proximity microwave radiating small cell tower? The name stands for Fifth Generation, but it does not sequentially follow 4G in design or effect. The Telecom Industry wants us to think it does, to hypnotize us while they install the not-small-at-all cell towers in our neighborhoods every 2-10 homes. (They are small compared to a MACRO TOWER) Unlike its predecessors, 5G delivers a constantly pulsing 24/7 non-ionizing, microwave radiation. The damage it will do is much greater than the already polluting 4G, 3G, Hot Spots, and other sources of wireless EMFs. Why do they tell us we need 5G? It’s FASTER! That’s the main reason.  Faster than a speeding bullet? Yes. And the bullet will penetrate your body and slowly destroy it. Why do we need to stop them? Because it is not SAFE TECHNOLOGY.  Please go to the Environmental Health Trust’s website and read the peer reviewed science research. 

Contrary to the Telecom Industry’s seductive ads and denials, cellular radiation causes cancer. They have duped the public for decades. Read the Nation magazine article that exposes their deception. 

A recent long term, national study from the National Toxicology Program of the U.S. National Institutes of Health using the term ‘clear evidence’ on March 28, 2018, stated that cellular radiation causes the formation of glioma cells, the rootstock of glioblastoma, the deadly brain cancer. Here is the link: 1/index.cfm 

What can we do? As this article is being submitted on April 15th, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has new stranglehold regulations that may go into effect today. If that happens, I recommend that you contact Michael Neuert, an electrical engineer, who helps people shield their homes and lives from radiation.  578 1645, in Santa Rosa. 

If the new FCC regulations are delayed, modified, or rewritten - thanks to the lawsuits, national Bills, and community efforts, then I invite you to join me on Facebook at Sonoma Neighborhood Association for updates. The city of Sonoma has ten 5G cell tower applications that have already been submitted. Three have already had their first Planning Commission review. But they are not a done deal! We have delayed them for over a year, and we will continue to protest their installation in our neighborhoods or near schools. 

The situation in each Northern California City is unique.  Petaluma and Sebastopol are fighting back hard. Santa Rosa is being bulldozed. There is a Sonoma County wide action happening now to implement an Urgent Ordinance. Check for updates on Facebook.  The City of Napa has already PERMITTED THREE cell sites. They are in trouble. 

I would like to acknowledge and thank my key allies in the efforts in the city of Sonoma: Shelley Masters and Mark Marthaler. Also the creator of the website of,  where you can find individual pages for each city, documenting their progress. In Napa: Shellie Rice, Valerie Wolf, and Suzanne Baumann continue to fight alongside me. We will persevere!

Lin Marie deVincent, Napa/Sonoma Neighborhood Association for Safe Technology  

Websites for excellent information:  (Sebastopol) Free Educational Brochure  EON, Ecological Options Network (Bolinas) VIDEOS, watch “PUBLIC EXPOSURE”

Environmental Health Trust 

I HIGHLY recommend this book: The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, by Arthur Firstenberg. Go to his website to purchase.Not on Amazon.  





May 6, 2019
Hello Lin Marie, I am part of a group in Sonoma County (still searching for name) which has been actively working to limit the expansion of expanded 4G and 5G cell towers. Our focus has been Sebastopol and today we met with Supervisor Hopkins and the PRMD Director Tennis Wick. They are committed thus far to revising their outdated 1996 Telecommunications Ordinance with a Ministerial one dealing with PROW, rather than a Discretionary Permit process which would allow public notice and public hearings, appeals to the Board, etc. But this is just the beginning of the struggle. The good news is that we’re planning a coordinated strategy to lobby all of the other supervisors; get a concise statement of our position; seek the support of other environmental groups in Sonoma County such as Sonoma Conservation Action (SCA); raise $$$$; write OpEd pieces in the local papers and printing flyers inserts in local newspapers in Sebastopol, Windsor and Healdburg. Perhaps we should join forces combines resources and strategy. I will send your article to the other members of our organization. Please contact me, Cordially, Paul-André Schabracq 707 823-2607
- Paul-Andre Schabracq

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