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The Aquarian Age is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus.
The Aquarian Age is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus.

Extremes of Values
Manifest in Planets

Jan 23, 2019
by Rio Olesky, Starwatcher


One of the emerging themes for the year will play out this month. There will be at least 4 planets in earth signs, both this month and next. These earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, like life to be orderly and under control. They tend to emphasize authority (Capricorn), tradition and comfort (Taurus). There will also be 6 planets in Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces, signs that prioritize freedom and independence. The earth signs prioritize conformity, the others are comfortable with risk. This dynamic is one that will remain throughout the year, to one degree or another, and even continue for the next few years. This mirrors the extremes of values, priorities and actions that the world, individually and collectively, is struggling with.

In large measure, these challenges are part of a major change of astrological ages. For approximately the last 2000 years we have been living in the Piscean Age. Now we are shifting to the Aquarian Age. During this transition it’s important to maintain the evolutionary shifts in behavior and consciousness that have preceded us, just as it’s important to continue our growth and development. 

During the Piscean Age humanity prioritized altruism, humility, compassion and service. These are qualities that enhance our spiritual connection and should be maintained. We also valued obedience and isolation which can problematic when other influences prefer freedom and inclusion. 

Saturn The Aquarian Age could also be somewhat confusing. On one hand Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn, the energy that likes authoritarian control, hierarchy and achievement. The other co-ruler is Uranus, the energy that embraces change, innovation, experimentation and liberation. A main challenge for us to embrace during this transition is how to create a predictable, grounded reality that is familiar to most people while simultaneously remaining open to inspiration and progressive movement. This is a very complex issue, one that goes beyond what a short column can provide answers to. We can, however, make certain suggestions for us to contemplate while this transition occurs.

The first step is to use Saturn to define our intentions. What are our goals and how do we propose to achieve them? Within that framework we can be open to inspiration which can take us beyond our original goals or suggests new ways to achieve them. If these new goals or means feel a little uncomfortable, we’re probably on the right track. What we don’t want to do is either completely shut down our desire for change or to change in ways that are so sudden that we are just being rebellious. In that context, we run the risk of being dismissed as eccentric. Any new ideas we have will be met with resistance and have difficulty being manifested in concrete ways. 

UranusSimilarly we don’t want Saturn, which can be associated with fear, to block any attempt at change. Avoiding the extreme expressions of Saturn and Uranus is one way to address the energies both this month and during this period of change. Another important point is to work to integrate the Aquarian qualities with Piscean ones. Aquarius focuses on social change based on valuing the human collective that includes everyone. By nature Aquarius is accepting, kind, humanitarian and focuses on a big picture of life. Pisces is also humanitarian and big picture oriented. Pisces strives for a deep, intuitive personal, transcendent connection to the Divine. Aquarius can perceive the Divine through social interaction. Both signs reserve a sense of self by combining independence and individuality with collective awareness,

This is a good time to realize that there is no universal law of either/or. We are not either dependent or independent. We are not reclusive or social. We are not intuitive or intellectual. We are all of these qualities all the time. To take advantage of the energy this month, and continuing for months and perhaps years to come, we must activate the Universal Law of Both And. The more effective at integrating the seeming opposites of life the closer we are to the source of life itself and capable of being far more creative in the establishment of who we are and the kind of life we want to live.

Aries: You may feel the aforementioned dilemma more than most. Risk, change and individuation are strong this month. So, too, however, can be focusing on material security and comfort. Growth for you this month can come from putting into motion creative ways of dealing with your needs for stability.

Taurus: This is a good time to engage in physical activity. Working out, dancing, hiking, skiing, whatever you find to be enjoyable in an aerobic way is highlighted for you this month. Similarly, you could be more direct in your interactions and more self-affirming. This is a good time for new beginnings.

Gemini: Early month is a good time to connect with inspiring people who support you. From about mid-month on, it’s a good time to put creative imagination into work projects. Success can come from being selective in what you are doing and discerning about others involved in the project. Avoid excessive idealism.

Cancer: This month is all about change, freedom and individuation. Sharing parts of yourself you normally keep under wraps is a good way to take advantage of the energy. Engaging in activities that you may feel are risky, although well within the normal range for society, is also a good way to work with the energies this month.

Leo: Focusing on significant relationships can lead to growth for you this month. Early month can bring new people and new ideas into your life. Later the energy will be available to put into concrete action. 

Virgo: The full Moon in Virgo on the 19th could heighten both your emotional self-awareness as well as strong desires to express those feelings. This month in general is a good time to initiate a new study, either in school or on your own. Exploring new behaviors is a good way for you to take advantage of the energies this month.

Libra: Focusing on personal issues will enable you to take advantage of the energies this month. This could be by creating harmony with your family, striving for the beautification of the home or simply working to enhance and expand your emotional and spiritual relationship to yourself. Growth can come from prioritizing what inspires you rather than going along with others.

Scorpio: Focusing on relationship takes advantage of the energies this month. Prioritizing both the romantic and the sensual facets of the situation can bring fulfillment and stable growth. Engaging in new activities together can lead to deepening of the emotional bonds that you are building.

Sagittarius: Confidence and creativity in early month can enhance relationships within the family as well as provide inspiration for new projects around the home. Late month could bring some challenging or confusing issues. Seek clarity through discernment before making a decision or taking action.

Capricorn: The social and artistic aspects of your life can be activated this month. This could also be a good time for a spiritual retreat or enhanced meditation. Creatively you might seek an upgrade in your wardrobe or discover new ways of presenting yourself to the world.

Aquarius: The new Moon in Aquarius on the 4th can bring some clear and useful insight into your inner space. This could enhance emotional self-awareness or bring intuitive clarity about certain people who are close to you. In either case, sharing yourself in personal ways can help both your own growth as well as the satisfaction in the relationship.

Pisces: This is a good time for grounded, practical, well-defined activity. This could be good news for professional development but it call also serve to bring stability to relationships with friends and colleagues. Mid-month is a time to be cautious about making decisions. Your idealism may cloud your judgment.

Wheel of Light Astrology by Rio Olesky


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