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The Moon blocking the Sun during the total eclipse of August 21, 2017, which we will see again on July 2nd. Photo by Zombiepedia - CCA-Share Alike 4.0 International license.
The Moon blocking the Sun during the total eclipse of August 21, 2017, which we will see again on July 2nd. Photo by Zombiepedia - CCA-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Eclypses this Month

A Total New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 2nd in Cancer 
& Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 16th in Aquarius 

Jun 29, 2019
by Rio Olesky, Starwatcher


Eclipses are fairly rare events. We usually have 4 each year. Two are at the new Moon, which is a solar eclipse. Two are at the full Moon, which is a lunar eclipse. Because they are not common, it is often thought that when they occur, they can portend events that are also uncommon. The new Moon solar eclipse tends to affect leaders and people in powerful positions. The full Moon lunar eclipse is more likely to affect the common person. The influence of an eclipse is most powerful when it totally blocks the light of either the Sun or Moon. Partial eclipses, not so much. This month there will be a total new Moon solar eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd and partial full Moon lunar eclipse on the 16th in Aquarius. 

Partial Full Moon Eclypse. Image: Pixabay License (Free for commercial use - No attribution required)

What could make this solar eclipse most significant is the fact that it will be conjunct to the transiting North Node of the Moon. The Moon’s Nodes indicate where an eclipse takes place, so this is not a surprise aspect nor the reason why it could be so important. Rather, there are two planets, Saturn and Pluto that are transiting together at this time and both are conjunct to the South Mode. We have addressed this transiting conjunction in this column previously and will again in the future. It combines the two most powerful of energies. In Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn, the importance is even greater. When these planets are together, they are often portend major shifts in political leadership, economic reversals and public discontent. Sometimes it is the frustration of the masses that causes leadership changes. This frustration could lead to labor strikes or other form of the people’s discontent.  Sometimes that frustration can be due to the leadership being too rigid, and authoritarian putting emphasis on enhancing and stabilizing their own power. Concerns of the people, whether they be oriented toward economic or human rights issues can be dismissed. Control and suppression from on high seeks to limit the people’s concerns, their rights and their well-being. 

The South Node can indicate where we experience loss. This could be emotional, material or social. With Saturn and Pluto conjunct to the transiting South Node, this month could see the beginning of a decline of power for both individuals and nations. In the United States, this could indicate trouble for the President. The impeachment war drums are already starting to keep a slow but steady rhythm. The tariff wars are starting to slow down the American economic engine. China is slowly gaining more ground in both economic power and international relevance. 

Similarly, however, the solar eclipse conjuncts the transiting North Node. The North Node is the place to move in order to grow. This growth, accompanied by opportunity, recognition and new connections, could lead to a re-emergence of the current political administrations to the world. It could indicate our current leadership will tap into the concerns of the people, rather than leading by fiat. So which is it going to be? Overbearing power brokers making decisions that lead to their own demise? Or opportune situations that allow those in power to solidify their grasp on dominion?  Considering that the Saturn Pluto conjunction won’t even peak until 2020, the assumption is that any gains by the power elite at this time will be lost by early next year.

How can you and I take advantage of this eclipse season? We could wait until we are confronted by someone or something about our own tendencies to be cold, domineering and controlling. Or, we take personal inventory (which Pluto loves anyway) to note those times or situations where we demonstrate those patterns and seek to eliminate them from our behavior. Confronting the self can eliminate the need to be confronted by external forces. At the same time, with the Sun and Moon both in the sign Cancer, the sign of the transiting North Node, we have the opportunity to tune in to our emotional reality. This could be a time to deeply connect with one’s inner core self to become more emotionally self-aware. This in turn can lead to being either more effective in emotional self-nurturing, more effective at asking for emotional support and/or more effective at providing emotional support to others.

However we respond to and take advantage of the eclipses this month, they offer profound opportunities to increase our personal self-discipline (Saturn) to eliminate (Pluto) fear based patterns that can lead to a desire to control others. In turn, we can increase or improve our relationships to others in ways that enable us to focus on ourselves and others in ways that are warm, sensitive and personally gratifying. 

Aries: This is a time to go inward. This could be in the context of focusing on your inner emotional life. It could also manifest by initiating projects in the home or seeking to redirect family energies in a nurturing way. Growth can come from being more open about your feelings and reaching out to others in warm and caring ways.

Taurus: Power struggles could emerge this month between you and a relative, neighbor or with a fellow student or teacher. Growth can come from being clear about your limits and boundaries in those situations. What are you willing to put out and what are you willing to put up with? This is a good time to stand up to a bully but also to make sure you are not the one doing the bullying in that situation.

Gemini: Early month is a good time to start a new project. It could be a class or some type of creative writing. Your creative imagination should be particularly strong mid-month. Late month could bring some type of confrontation that will test the accuracy or your words, either written or spoken. It could also manifest as you challenge others on their dogma in expressing their ideas.

Cancer: The New Moon in Cancer on the 2nd brings opportunities to have new insights into your emotions as well as new ways of expressing them. This is a good time to be more open than you may normally be. The result could be support and  encouragement from others that leads to positive relationships and recognition for both who you are and how you are creating your life at this time.

Leo: A mixed bag for you this month. Early month could bring challenges either from authority figures or those challenging your authority. Respond with honesty. Late month could bring unexpected changes at work. Go with them. It could be awkward for a while but could also free you up to be more authentic and more creative on the job.

Virgo: This is a good to time review recent choices you’ve made in the public sector. You might find that either conditions have changed or that you are perceiving them differently and decide to go in a different direction. Challenges from people and events are another factor in choosing both your words and actions.

Libra: Challenges in mid-month bring the need for diplomacy either at work or at home. Striving for equitability allow compromise to determine the eventual outcome. Growth can come from standing your ground and not being intimated by those forces in your life that are seeking to control you .

Scorpio: This is a time when you may feel vulnerable as others challenge you to reveal more about your inner self that you normally keep well protected. The key is to respond honestly to their requests, but also with a sense of limits and boundaries. Don’t open up too much, just to the degree that the situation requires.

Sagittarius: This is a good time for an adventure. Traveling to a new and exiting place, beginning the study of a new and stimulating subject or even beginning a new art project are examples of what to do this month. One caveat, however, is to make sure that you are seeing the situation and people in it in clear ways. Watch out for self-deception in the form of perceiving something as being more ideal than it really is.

Capricorn: This month could offer options to be more expressive of your creative nature, possibly in the form of writing. Or, you could simply feel more inclined than usual to share your ideas and perceptions. In either case, your energy this month could be quite intense, so take that into consideration when interacting with anyone.

Aquarius: The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 16th could bring some unexpected changes in your attitude, your points of view or your manner of social interaction. The key is the desire to be the authentic self and let others see you as you truly are. Avoiding the extremes, suppressing inclinations or rubbing others’ faces in your rebellious patterns, can lead to real personal growth and liberation.

Pisces: Confidence, creativity and joy could be repeated energy themes and patterns for you this month. Doing something to expand horizons, through travel, going on a spiritual retreat or simply expanding your meditation are ways of taking advantage of this energy. Social and artistic activities are also enhanced for you this month.

Wheel of Light Astrology by Rio Olesky


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