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Rio Olesky
Rio Olesky

Wheel of Light - May 2020
It’s Time To Slow Down, Stop & Review

Apr 23, 2020
by Rio Olesky, Starwatcher


I am writing this column on April 1. At this time, we are all sheltering in place with no clarity about when life will return to any type of normal. There are things to be aware of this month that can help navigate these challenging times.

Three planets will all turn retrograde within 4 days of each other. Saturn retrogrades May 10, Venus on May 13 and Jupiter on May 14. The most important of the three, at least right now, is Venus. When a planet retrogrades it’s time to slow down, stop and review where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing. Perhaps these changes will reflect that the energetic flow of the Covid-19 virus will similarly slow down and stop. We may not be able to return to normal right away, but these retrogrades may reflect that the spread of the virus is at least slowing down, being contained and that the quarantine is starting to be lifted.

The retrogradation of Venus is always important in that it provides the opportunity to reset our orientation toward values, money, aesthetics and social behaviors. Three of those four have been challenged for well over a month already. The most important of these is values. What is important? What gives our lives meaning? What helps us create a quality life? We’ve had lots of time to reflect on the fundamental issues and as with retrogrades, it’s time to hit the reset button where necessary or appropriate. Some things that seemed vital before may now be boring, empty or useless. Other parts of life which were previously low priority may now seem primal. If nothing else, the balance between our personal life versus our involvement with the collective could shift significantly. 

Financially, we have all experienced significant if not severe losses.  How to cope with those setbacks is a focus that is uniquely relevant to the times and Venus retrograde. We can explore new income streams as well as ways of budgeting with the funds we have and can expect in the near future. We have new priorities on what, where and how to spend money. The financial markets often change wildly both when Venus first turns retrograde and again when it turns direct (June 24).

The most important focus with Venus retrograde at this time, however, could be social. Because we’ve been sheltering in place for weeks, our domestic relationships may be challenging as underlying difficulties come to the surface. If we live alone, isolation itself could be problematic.  It’s time to review what we need and what we offer in our most important relationships. We may notice certain behaviors that don’t express our true feelings or even our basic sense of self. It’s time to get clear about these things and begin to create new social patterns. This takes time and requires reflection and inner work. Often, the call to notice these changes and working to refine them comes from realizing that we are frustrated and feeling unfulfilled in our primary relationship. Some people choose to blame the other person, especially after weeks of sheltering in place with only them. Somehow, it’s as if what the other person is doing or not doing that is the problem, the cause of our dissatisfaction. Although there may be some truth to that, the main problem is with ourselves. 

Once we do the inner work and bring our social and emotional selves into the present, the next step is to bring our partner up to speed. That is another challenge that takes time. What’s new and what of the old is still viable? How do we put into words what these changes are? For some people sharing emotions causes feelings of vulnerability that in turn can question the trust we have in our partner and lead to questioning the viability of the entire relationship. Fortunately, if we are still being quarantined, there is plenty of time to do this inner work and find the clarity. All of this is a prime point of attention for everyone at this time. If we are successful in bringing ourselves into the social and emotional present during the 5 weeks that Venus is retrograde, we should be pleased and satisfied with our progress. 

This process can certainly reveal underlying problems in the relationship that have always been there and which, in turn, may reflect fundamental incompatibility. Or they may simply indicate that one or both of you were never clear about your fundamental needs in the first place. Doing the work required by the Venus retrograde period can awaken us to our true selves in terms of relationship dynamics. As we are in the process of refining this facet of ourselves, we can venture out slowly and carefully address whatever inherent issues may remain in the relationship. We also need to be aware of the degree that the other person is also doing their inner self-discovery work. If they are not, nothing will truly improve in the interaction. If they are, we all must be patient with the process of introducing our newly discovered selves to each other. That can challenging in itself, but could also lead to feelings of joy and the expansion of our love in the process. That part of the journey will take us well beyond the time line of the Venus retrograde period. Using that time to do the inner part is the best way of taking advantage of this transit. Tackle the rest as Venus returns to direct.

I am writing this with the assumption that the shelter in place order remains in effect.

Aries: This is a good time for you look inward. Spending time alone in pursuit of spiritual inspiration, psychological clarity or creative inspiration would be productive uses of this period. Finding root or hidden causes of anger would be beneficial.

Taurus: Since Venus is your ruling planet, you could be most affected by its retrogradation. The two most important things to review are long-range financial planning and getting touch with current relationship needs. For the latter, focus specifically on learning to ask for what you need and accepting it when offered.

Gemini: Three planets, plus the New Moon, will be in Gemini this month. This suggests strong desires to socialize and communicate at a time when the former is minimized and the latter restricted. This is a good time to put your ideas and perspectives down in writing. Journaling, creative writing or Facebooking can all help to minimize frustration at this time.

Cancer: The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th can bring strong desires for creative expression as well as deep emotional bonding with either children or lovers. This is a good time to realize with whom you have the strongest sense of emotional trust.

Leo: There is energy available to you this month that will enable you to be productive, efficient and grounded. The primary objective should be maintaining good health. Refining technical skills related to your work as well as finding ways to be of service to others can also be prioritized points of attention.

Virgo: There is abundant energy supporting your productivity at this time. Unless you can take advantage of that remotely and technologically, your frustration level could be quite high. Use this time to plan strategies that can be implemented when the quarantine is lifted.

Libra: This would be a great time for an adventure. Since we are restricted in any such activity, use the energy of this month to travel to parts of your mind by reading and socially interacting with people and subjects that provide the greatest amount of intellectual stimulation.

Scorpio: The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th provides heightened internal energy. You could tune in to your psyche and discover clear and accurate intuitive insights into yourself, others and the mystery of life itself. Communicating profound emotional realizations with others can solidify and deepen certain relationships.

Sagittarius: This is a good time to focus on a significant relationship. It could be with a primary partner or a member of your extended family. Sharing ideas with each other is a good way to expand the relationship as well as keeping your mind active. This is a time to be open to receiving rather than striving to tell others what you know.

Capricorn: Directions you’ve been pursuing for the past two months may slow down at this time. This would be particularly true about financial issues or new social behaviors or relationships. The next three months are times for introspection and planning strategies for the future.

Aquarius: Regardless of the quarantine, this may be a time when being at home and with family is something you would value. Use this month to clarify to yourself, as well as through dialogue with family, about what domestic values and activities you want to change or maintain.

Pisces: The social and practical aspects of your life may be limited right now, so turn your attention to seeking the deeper truths in relationship to both your spiritual path as well as connections to friends and colleagues. This is a time of introspection rather than one actual social exchange.


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