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The Sonoma County Orchid Society meets the second Tuesday of the month
The Sonoma County Orchid Society meets the second Tuesday of the month.

Successfully Grow Orchids
In Your Home

Apr 4, 2019


When you think of orchids, what comes to mind? Exotic? Expensive? Temperamental? Hard to grow? Let me share a little information about the plants called "Orchids".

It is thought that the orchidacae family is probably the largest flowering plant family. Orchids occur on every continent except Antarctica. They occupy almost every habitat, except the oceans. They grow in the sand of arid deserts; in full sun in the crevices of rocks; in the leaf litter and in the canopy of trees; in the snow; and in standing or lightly running water. Orchids are among the most adaptable of plants. That being said, you can find orchids in Sonoma County that you can successfully grow in your home.

Most of you are probably familiar with the large terrestrial orchids called cymbidiums, which are sold in supermarkets in the spring and around Easter and Mother's Day, or the phalaenopsis, commonly called the "moth orchid". You see the cattleya, or the "corsage orchid" on the wrists of young girls at prom time.  Also, locally you may find the "slipper orchid" or paphiopelilum, and certain dendrobium, oncidium, or odontoglossom crosses. This is a minuscule glimpse of the orchids our beautiful mother earth has to offer.

Some of you have had the opportunity to travel the world and have seen a sampling of orchids growing wild. You have been able to observe the myriad shapes, sizes and color forms of these amazing plants in their native habitats. Orchids come in almost every color of the rainbow, except true black, although some are so dark they may appear black. Some orchids have no fragrance, while others have the sweet scents of perfumes, spices or fruits, while others have horribly foul odors. Some orchid plants can grow to be the size of a large house; some plants are so small their flowers are almost microscopic.

If you want to know more about orchids, there is an orchid society in Sonoma County. The Sonoma County Orchid Society meets the second Tuesday of the month, except September and December, at 6:30 p.m. at theSanta Rosa Veterans Building,   1351 Maple Avenue. Each meeting has a guest speaker, discussing various aspects of orchids and their culture. Some months there is a 15 minute skill session before the general meeting to introduce newer members to basic orchid information. The Society takes an annual bus trip to orchid vendors. It has a repotting party, where new members can get help repotting their orchids and take home orchids from members who have divided their plants. It has open greenhouses and open houses, where members can learn how others members grow their orchids in their homes, their yards or their greenhouses. As members, we love to help and share our knowledge. We also have an extensive orchid library.

Our Society's annual Show: EDUCATIONAL ORCHID EXPOSITION & SALE took place on march 30-31 . Atthe expo you have the opportunity to see and purchase from a huge variety of orchids you can't find in local stores. At the show there are docent tours, hourly drawings for orchids and orchid related items. There is an orchid boutique, with orchid and garden related items and non-orchid plants for sale. The silent auction table is popular, offering items donated by local merchants. There is an orchid doctor to answer any of your orchid questions. There are skill sessions on various orchid topics, such as, how to repot your cymbidium orchids, how to care for various types of orchids, how to repot and keep your supermarket purchased orchids alive, as well as other subjects. There is so much to see and learn about orchids at our show. Visit our website at and make sure you make ot to next years Expo! From the site, you may contact any officer of our society with questions.

We are here to help you learn to grow and love your orchids.


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