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North Coast Winds by Robin Joy Wellman

North Coast - Jenner north to Gualala and the Mendocino County Border


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2020-04-29Apr 29, 2020

Mendocino Health and Action Network RCMS is open in Gualala and Point Arena for all health needs. GRASSROOTS people! Liz Perillat and two others in our community, Aimee Taylor and Brittany Ramirez, started the  Mendocino Masks Makers (MMM) and have put in countless hours into this herculean effort.   They are making a difference in so many lives for the safety and care of our community. Recipients are Redwood Coast Medical Services,  Fort Bragg Hospital,   Mendocino clinics,  Coast Life Support, Fire departments,  grocery stores, and many others. is open in Gualala and Point Arena for all health needs. 

2020-03-23Mar 23, 2020

Working in your garden providing for your own needs is super. However, when you make a run to the grocery store maybe call one person (whether older or young) and see how they are doing and what they might need. It can keep more people at home and that is a good thing.  I want to highlight Anchor Bay Grocery Store  in Anchor Bay.

2020-02-26Feb 26, 2020

In creating gardens big or small this month I want to shout out to all our nurseries on our coast. Starting in Gualala with the  Gualala Nursery and Trading Company. Next is Garden By The Sea that has mostly flowers but they also carry a few plants for that fairy garden. And another sweet one is  Flowers by Natasha  who I happen to love and adore.  In Point Arena we have Outback Garden and Feed. They have everything. Everything! 

2020-01-28Jan 28, 2020

The Sonoma County Local Coastal Plan, an integral part of that decades-long preservation effort, is being revisited by county officials, and changes will be made. It will be important to be watchful and mindful that we do not lose what so many have fought to save. Please consider attending the next public workshop on the Local Coastal Plan, scheduled forJanuary 30, 2020 at 1:15 p.m. at the county planning department, Permit Sonoma 2550 Ventura Avenue Santa Rosa, CA 95403.

2020-01-27Jan 27, 2020

This month I want to give a shout out to the Ocean Cove Store and Campground. The land was surveyed October 18th, 1860 and soon after the store was built by the first owner Dr. Henry Jackson. Aftyer many owers and changes the ocean, the cabins and campground were well known as a fishing and abalone picking spot. Today the Manaro Family is celebrating the 40 year anniversary as caretakers. 

2019-12-25Dec 25, 2019

Now’s the time! Make all the new goals that your heart desires. Let’s start with getting outside. If you are not big on hiking how about starting with a 10 minute walk each day of the first week, then build to 15 minutes each day the following week, and next week do 20 minutes – until you are walking each day 30 minutes. Fit it into your busy schedule. DO IT! Make time. In case you are reading this before New Year’s the Timber Cove Resort has planned a five course dinner menu with DJ Kevin.  Winter Concert at Gualala Arts Center. The Wolf Full Moon Tour, January 10th and 11ththe tallest lighthouse on the West Coast complete with Champagne.

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