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2019-05-29May 29, 2019

So I want to announce that at 75 years of age, I am going to step back a bit from all that heavy-duty political activity I’ve been engaged in and enjoy some of the cultural and social activities of our unique Valley town. After all, it’s summer, isn’t it? This Sunday, for example, I will be attending the Free Spirits Spring Concert as the guest of one of its members, Norma Barnett. Those dreadful fires are behind us now…but new ones may be ahead. We’re glad to see that the County is taking proactive measures to inform us of best practices for protecting our property. You may have missed the April and May workshops they’ve been holding, but information is available online.You’d better become informed because Permit Sonoma has recently announced that it will be making inspections!


2019-05-29May 29, 2019

Emily Dickinson was an extraordinary woman who had the courage to live as she liked, regardless of expectations. “The Belle of Amherst” celebrates her story through the voice of a single actor, portraying fifteen different characters. It is a quiet, intimate play; the poet interacts directly with the audience, even offering them her famous cake. She reminisces about childhood antics, lost love and her passion for nature. Starring Jennifer King.


2019-05-01May 1, 2019

‘Born Yesterday’ is an animated, empowering story of what happens when women are given the education and space to become their best selves. It has moments of silliness and horror, maintaining a healthy balance between the two. Have a few laughs and enjoy this talented ensemble at Sonoma Arts Live.


2019-04-29Apr 29, 2019

Conversion of the Sonoma Developmental Center to luxury development were banished April 5, when the Board of Supervisors approved an agreement, to be funded largely by the state, representing the first time in state history that future use of what would otherwise have been thrown onto the market as surplus public property is to be guided by a shared vision of what is best for the community and for the land itself. According to the blog site, Transform SDC, posted by the Sonoma Land Trust, on April 22 – Earth Day! — the California Department of Finance (DOF) and the California Department of General Services (DGS) released budget documents today requesting over $43 million over three years to “manage the Sonoma Developmental Center and begin decommissioning activities through a warm shutdown until the final disposition of the campus is complete…” in 2022.

2019-03-30Mar 30, 2019

For a long time – for my entire lifetime – we have lived in a distinctly divided world, unable to find the bridge that would connect us, allowing for our differences but recognizing that we face a growing crisis that challenges our beliefs on both sides and could potentially unite us. Whatever the terms we use to identify our positions, our division is fundamentally between those who are comfortable with the world as it has been, and those who are not. Those in power want to maintain the social order that enriches them, and those who are not, seek change; and whenever, on whichever issue, one side moves forward, the other counters. Instead of a bridge, we have a see-saw. Meanwhile the danger that confronts us worsens.

2019-02-27Feb 27, 2019

Crises pelting toward us in such rapid succession we can barely get a grip on one before another comes along. Everywhere we turn, there’s a disaster, a war, a school shoot-out, a murder of a black youth by police, a revelation of sexual abuse. Even in the slow, easy-going town of Sonoma, life has speeded up, rushing by faster than the traffic, which continues to increase with every passing weekend, slowed only by the arrival of an “atmospheric river.” And isn’t that a novel term for “big storm”? Media ingenuity certainly contributes to the spin we are in.

Here in the Valley we live in a bucolic environment we desperately want to protect with land trusts and urban growth boundaries while rising population rushes toward us in waves, needing housing that working people can afford, and equity. Some say the poor should live somewhere else, which is roughly equivalent to Marie Antoinette’s famous words, “Let them eat cake.” 


2019-01-30Jan 30, 2019

Vicki Handron and her sister Suzanna Bon made a trip to the border in November. They told us about it January 9 in the cozy setting of Art Escape run by Kate Ortolando in the Springs. The room was packed. Vicki is an attorney who has recently changed her focus to immigration law. She went to Karnes, Texas, as a volunteer with the organization RAICES with her sister as translator.


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